Saturday, 13 March 2027

Make a Donation for USB Midi Keyboard!

If you find free USB Midi Keyboard app and my other music apps useful, please donate. The donated fund is used for development.

There is new version Midi Keyboard app. It is at

The older version is still here but it is not longer updated. The new version has better key on and release.

Here is the download apk for older USB keyboard. Click on your phone browser to download and install.

and the older soundmodule apk

Click Below to Donate

If you make a donation, do comment on what work you want.

Thanks very much.


  1. Nu stiu sa fac asta fac sa mini

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  2. I want to install this on my new phone but I cannot find you now on Playstore. What an I do? Your app works great using USB OTG, no lag and awesome sound. I use MIDI key board and USB OTG so your app has become a very portable performance-grade jamming rig. More power! Just wishing to find you on Playstore for my new phone! Please reply!

  3. Hello sorry for the late reply. You can email me at for the usb keyboard apk.

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