Saturday, 13 March 2027

Make a Donation

If you find free USB Midi Keyboard app and my other music apps useful, please donate. The donated fund is used for development and hardware. For example, I am looking to buy a bluetooth midi keyboard and external bluetooth speaker. After development and testing, these 2 hardwares will be supported in the app.

Further works include
- Add smooth key release (Done on 210317)
- Add piano sound recording
- Add output to external bluetooth speaker (Done on 250317)
- Add BlueTooth Midi keyboard connection
- Fix Yamaha pitch in app page
- Fix soundfont loading error for some device
- Remove cut-off click sound for each note
- Others (Please specified)

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If you make a donation, you may want to comment during PayPal checkout on what work you want to be work on.

Thanks very much.

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