Tuesday 17 March 2015

Wavelet App

Apps to create

- midi in moniter

- midi out send. Add to keyboard.

- wavelet. Cepstrum send data to find peak.


Publish with auto freq centering. Takes about 6 weeks to study and create.


- draw a cross on touch

- almost all yellow. Try 10%.

- interrupt at signal and morlet draw.


- done signal part.

- need a color map.

- need test 3 piano freq


- record 10 sec. Show period to 5 sec.

- touch screen for 1 sec rect. Show freq to 4k.

- test if freq starts from 300 instead of 0

- test piano freq

- test 2 notes diff by an octave

160415 it seems wavelet solves fft problem

1. Harmonic freq

2 same keys of different Octave 

3. Finer time resolution

It cannot run in real time.

- record a wav file

- transform to spectrograph

140415 after 1 month of study, i manage to get the java morlet code to work.

I am playing the idea to create a wavelet app on 160315. It is say to be faster and will it solve my sound to note problem?

It seems to be possible to decode sound to note.

As i hear the alarm, i look up at see level 5. It is actually 6 as i am moving down. As one observe an atom, it is already past tense. The atom has moved to another state.

200315 play with a code

240315 try jwave. It has coef data but no scale? Also a code that has only increasing signal.

310315 i am tired. I dont have the energy to do. 

040415 i have read the code. And get the freq to scale relationship. It does fft 88 times per 1024 data. Compare to cepstrum only 2 fft. 

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