Sunday 3 May 2015

Need a paid version?

- if the app is to be professional and easy to use, it needs very good UI and that needs people such as graphic designer, quality controller, programmer and marketeer. And these need profit.
- can i try a free version with a paid version. Paid version is the same as free but without the ads.
- will a paid version paid for these people?
- life is just a flash in the sky.
- use my time to advance something new and useful with a company. My time and effort is very limited.

To benefit the largest number, it has to be free. To make it better, it needs to make money to continue development and to look good. It needs money to market too. Can i charge only 5% of the users who does not matter the $1 cost? But how many people in the world want to know the fundamental frequency and how many want music transcription? Ads earning can only support one person coding.

After making volca sample controller for $0.99, I keep working on it. The free android version, I have neglect it. When you charge people, you are motivated by duty to make it work or better. 

Maybe I should charge my music transcribe to midi. 

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