Monday 22 February 2016

Transcribe for Slacks - St. South

Hi here is notes. I have tried using electronic piano sound with the help of automatic music transcribe app (iOS version) at 

- G#5 B5 G#6
- G#5 D#6 G#6
- F#5 B5 F6
- F#5 D#6 F6
- B5 D#6
- D#6
- B5 D#6 A#6
- B5 D#6

Note that the music starts at time 6 as there is a delay in youTube loading in the app. I have used zoom to verify the actual note. The second view shows clearly which chord is being played. I have used the slider to reveal the notes and then used the reconstruction playback to confirm the sound. Touch any part of the piano roll view to play the reconstruct sound. 

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