Saturday 14 December 2013


- to change to piano celestial. It is easier to search in itune. 
- ask user to rate after 3 uses. Remember already rate.

I need to use it daily. No more changing and submit the app. 

I will use it everyday to practice 30 min. I hope I can play secret garden in my Korg 61. And it will be a good marketing on YouTube. 

Can people capture my app and upload to YouTube? 

I wonder is the download for celestial will reach even 100 a month.

I will screen capture with irig keys label. 

After a month on 140114, the YouTube views are
1. Korg 110 225/150214 311/100314
2. Casio 100 206 269
3. Irig 85 142 192

After increase title words on 220214, it increases from 40 to 80 download a day. 

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