Wednesday 8 January 2014

Play vs listen music

The benefit of playing keyboard is it makes you concentrate at the moment. You can listen to music and thinking about other matter. But to play a piece, you have to be here now. 

And to play piano and sing is even better. The feeling is very good as you feel something is released or flowing out of your body. I got addicted to play and sing first thing in the morning. Now I play and sing for my wife to sleep. Singing without playing keyboard is difficult as I lose my rythem. 

Only day when it is hot, I cannot find it easy to sing. It is really my best choice to take believer music beginner keyboard for worship in Oct 2013. 

Looking forward to the days I can play Turkish March. I did not get to find a great YouTube video on Turkish March. I have started to practice with celestial since 050114. I have a break when my baby arrives on 231213. 

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