Saturday 3 May 2014

Sold my casio px150 wh

- put up at carosell 2 weeks ago. 
- lower price from $999 to $799
- got 2 messages
- got 2 questions
- sold to private university students

It is only student who has time to learn piano. I miss my casio. It has better sound than korg. Lower pitch. I bought it in 30 August 2013 and after 8 months, sold it on 2 May 2014. 

Never thought that piano value can increase from $1199 to 1399.

Now I am considering to buy korg lp 380 red. 

Aug 2014. Nearly go out to buy casio lk 247 white. Luckily I did not buy. The voice tutor is really irritating and I have to turn off every time! Never buy a casio again. 

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