Saturday 10 May 2014

Simplified learning piano

140814 after playing mozart 40 for 2 weeks for a small part. I find all the info using celestial. And fingering info using web score. Now I can play right or left. The challenge is how to play both hand together. 

The piano learning is easier when I tend my baby 7 months and practicing the korg tinypiano. I get to practice with my baby. And I got one 31 keyboard for my car. Good for single hand playing. 

Since I am 16, I ask the question why I can play computer games non stop everyday. I don't need to sleep but I could not study even 30 min for my further math. I come to the answer that game is responsive. You give an action, you get a result. In study, you read and read and read and fall asleep. 

For 300 years, it takes years to learn to play the piano. My belief is you don't need to spend 5 years to learn to read music note. You can learn your favorite music by just listen and copy. 

I still could not play mozart no 40. The reason I find it hard to look at the small iphone. I am getting a iphone holder. 
200714 I got a holder, it is easier to play now. 

I have a visual map of China. I see how many general I have. 

I can see how many notes I score. I just order a fisher price I can play piano. I hope it will gives me an idea of how to make learning piano addictive. Order on 280814 but never shipped by 150914. Order on amazon. Different is less than $10. 

To be able to play difficult song in a month insteads of 8 years.. Baby step. 

0. Listen to 8 notes x 7
1. Any key for 8 notes x 3
2. Right key for 8 notes x 40
3. Not waiting 8 notes x 80. Like handheld game, it keeps dropping. 

Just able to play first 20 notes. 
1. Keep repeating 20 times. 

1. Plug in the iphone to microkey. Wait to detect. Sometimes does not work. Need power adapter. Iphone too small. Buy a ipad with stand. It is ok after the iphone holder. 

2. It is boring to hit the right key and move on. There is not number. The music is too long. Keep score and break the music to 7x4 note. I am looking to fisher price. 

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