Wednesday 17 September 2014

Celestial Left Hand 170914 - irritated

As I practice without celestial, I get irritated when I hit the wrong key. It gives a wrong tune. I try not see the keyboard and play. It looks like the bubble game. 

If I forget my notes, I get irritated too. There is a memory work. Can I remove the memory work? It is a huge memory. 

When playing romance, I would not die easily. Each game can last a few months. This is addictive. When I recuit soldier for a general, the computer will not tell me I have done wrong. 

It is like shooting ducks. See how many you can shoot. If you miss, there is no effect. Make the light appear on the keys. 

Using the light, I follow but I cannot remember after an hour. I cannot remember how to play how great too. 

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