Sunday 14 September 2014

New changes coming

- cannot scroll easily because of the too line menu. 150914
- difficult to learn both hand. Separate right and left hand. Then both hand. 150914
- need for scoring. 
- need for midi file creation by music teacher. So many in laptop. 
- need for fingering info on easy version 160913

- romance is fun as I know what to do. I have a graphical view of the area. Recuit general. Give money in each month. Recuit soldier. Assign them. Buy rice. Go to war. Win the war. I see my terrorist expand. I don't need to remember anything. 

Each action has a respond. 
- recuit general by letter
- rejected, letter seized, success

- a small view of the music. 
- a measure turn yellow, yellow to green. 
- a value of skill. +1 for each practice. 

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