Sunday 30 November 2014

MicroVolcaKey App Setup

011214 first idea on an app for microkey + volca keys. I like volca because I can make my own electric piano sound. 
031214 starts today only after finish my visual midi player. Work just after midnight and done at 3am. Have fun! 

After playing with volca keys, I love the electric piano sound. I want more lead. I want to record it and use in my keyboard app and player app. 

I actually ignore my baby while playing with it. Sound is really something. It takes me away. It takes my baby away. 

I am playing with the idea of playing microkey and output to volca key via smartphone. I want it to be free because I want largest number of people to use it. 

I have so little time but so much to do. But when I don't have a family, I have so much time and fear that doing programming will take away my chance of having a family. 

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