Tuesday 13 January 2015

New app idea

- if preset fails, load default soundfont. Sound module. K it is the instruments error. 030215
- try service instead of worker. 090215
- volca sample download folder. So is the midi out player. 030215
- NYC trains data 010315

A graph library. Use a chart engine. Pass by bitmap? 

- an app to listen to count 1 in salsa music. 
- an app to determine keys in a music. I am interested to draw a waveform. To go to a point. And determine its keys. 
- a fft and cepstrum app. 
- a fft that gives fundamental freq using harmonic theory beside peak frequency.
- app that listen and tell you what things are running like ironing.
- an app module for graph. Pan. Zoom. Graph Module. Interesting! Return a canvas. 
- an app that display freq spectrum to piano scale. This look interesting! 270115
- an app that listen to baby sleep and send note when she wakes. 
- an app that listen to mosquito and alert user. 
- a graph app that provides drawing to my app such as waveform
- a toolbox of signal analysis tool
1. Power spectrum 210115
2. Cepstrum 040215
3. Spectrogram midi
4. Wavelet 030515
5. Waveform 010515
6. Sound level
7. Piano spectrum 270115

1. Frequensee 4.2 free
100k download
Updated 130412
Paid 1k download at $1.29

2. Speedy spectrum analyser 
10k download at $6.99
020113 updated stop for 2 years!

3. Specscope free 4.2 533
130713 update


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