Thursday 12 February 2015

Chinese new year new sound app

Play - record - edit

- simple editing.

- record midi. To be a portable way of recording ideas and then bringing them into professional software later to complete the idea.
070315 - think. There is not much info. Guess i can make a recording module.
090315 how to start and stop a note. I do not know the duration. Write 60, 120, leave duration blank. When stop, then fill it in.
- how about 2 notes.
130315 publish midi recording. Service not working is because i did not declare in manifest.

s fate has given me the problem of mosquito

020315 cepstrum has 5 x 5 stars. Look like i have created something unique and useful. Simple and good.

- micro volca sample 270215
- midi device
1. 0203215 activityforresult
2. Check permission for all devices. K
3. Remember device id k
4. Testing ok 050315

- midi out service. No workable app in play.
- midi monitor
- midi for casio 

1. Mosquito detector
2. Dragonfly emulator. I feel mosquito can listen to predator vibration and escape. 190215. Does not work.
3. Mosquito light
4. Possible to 2GHz freq?

2. As my baby is being bitten, i manage to rush the first version of mosquito app. The idea is to create a dragonfly sound to scare mosquuti away. Putting at freq equals to 56, 60 does not work. I still get bitten while i sleep at 8am.

- traget mosquito in se asia. The mosquito in my is slower than that in sg.
- even the dragonfly freq is different in asia.

Go to park and record dragonfly sound. Play to mosquito. See if they escape. Turn out the toad and dragonfly are just at tge back door.

Orange skin burns to drive her away but last only a few hours. 4 hours.

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