Thursday 7 May 2015

Things to do. Transition

K1. Display user freq for start k
2. Record always restart k
3. Stop at 30 sec.k
4. Start asyn morlet with signal. A signal of 10 sec will have 2 column of morlet. K
5 Touch screen to restart is too unknown. Add a stop key. K
6. Return to app. Refresh surfaceview.k
9. Morlet stop to len of signal k
- rename menu. Load recent. Record/stop. 88 piano scale. Set scale limit. Refine scale range. Record change to stop.k
- 88 piano scale. Take a while to decode...k
- record change to stop k
- set 60 to 90 before release k

- play not always k
- zero data be blue k
- trim time k
- Export to midi
- over 30 sec. Unlimited.
- close audiotrack when pause k
- remember user scale k
- convert to midi and play on my midi player
- user start play point k 100515
- update file length with new recording k
- user touch to play. Stop ruler n play. 100515
- fix play k
- fix morlet k
- play stop at endtime k

- create ios version in june
- a need to get music to notation for musician

- allow all music files
- convert mp3 to midi
- to midi. There is a need to put it to easier to read. It is tough to mentally read the notes. I need to write down.
- unlimited time
- save file name
- sheet music store
- 49 keys

10. Meaning of the work.

I struggle for a year to play the demo song. I can play 70% of it now. People have song they want to play but could not find its sheet. Cd mp3 toy to midi. Some Music lovers are struggling to get the notes so that they can play.

To furnish the world with music playing. I want to play a music but i cannot find the music sheet. I want to express myself thru good music. It become possible to play any music with this app. Copy issue is not an issue with people who want to play. Peoples who want to create can copy. If an essay is great, anyone can copy it but be his? No way. If more people play music, more people can listen and enjoy.

Listen to music calm one's mind. Playing music brings joy and release one's feeling. My life is in you.

Music transcription may not have much user. 2015. But in 2025, it may be different.

Without midi player or music sheet, t is tough to read the note. I need to write down to play.

Hum a song, and the notes will appear. Scary as it can transcribe music.

I am able to play to 100% accurate to the song. God has given me.

From 010515 to 120515, i manage to get 100% note of the demo song. I reflevt that in 6 months, i have created 14 music apps. Only 3 of them are useful. Now is the question of how to market them?

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