Saturday 14 December 2013

Video of Celestial on iRig Keys, Korg Microkeys and Casio Digital Piano

Here is some videos that I have made and upload over the weekend to youTube. It shows how to connect your usb keyboard to your iPhone.

Simple video demo to connect various USB MIDI keyboard 
For iRig Keys - 
For Korg Microkeys - 
For Casio Digital Piano - 

My comments for the various midi keyboard is that 
1) iRig Keys is a good buy if you want to practise simple music and is just starting out learning to play the piano. It costs only about S$220 with the lightning cable. It has the pedal sustain which Korg does not have. The connection is very simple with only one midi to lightning cable.

2) Korg Microkeys 61 has a very good feel. Its key is light to press and sound good. Korg is strong in key feel. iRig Keys feels cheap and make lot of noise. With its focus on the keys, Korg has not developed as much as iRig Keys in area like sustain pedal input, easy connection to iphone (Korg needs a usb hub and the usb Apple camera connection cable. It takes me days to get it right.) Its connection to iPhone does not always work. I need to unplugged sometime and add in the power supply for the usb hub for it to work some days. The 61 keys is the determining factor if you want to play great music like Mozart Turkish March or Secret Garden. You cannot do it with the limited 37 keys from iRig. It costs about S$202.

3) Casio PX 150 Digital Piano has 88 keys. It is the only way if you want to play Mozart Sym no 40 and Lizst Lie 3. The keys are very hard like wood. The responsive touch tuning help minimum. It bleeds my finger! But Casio has great sound and 60 demo songs. It comes with a score sheet for the 60 songs. I do not think you can get them from Yamaha 640 or Korg LP 380. The connection to Casio is pretty easy with a usb cable and a usb Apple camera cable. It costs S$999 in 2013.

So it really depends with what music you want to play. For starter, the best choice is iRig Keys but it really has bad key feel. My thumb really hurts when pressing the white key. For intermediate and advance player, it is going to be Korg Microkey. For full 88 keys, I think is should be Korg Digital Piano which costs S$1100 in Dec sale. I love the red color version 2 years ago. Korg. Please make some more! 

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