Saturday 14 December 2013

Why I create celestial?

Music is non existence in my life until I am 35 years old. But when it comes, it saves my life during my most difficult time. And Celestial is something that I want to do in return for music has kept me alive. In order to bring it to the largest number, that is why it is totally free

I am surprise to feel my energy for making music app. It is very difficult to deal with core audio. I have to read some books. And lucky I have a few sample that quickens my work.

I enjoy working on it so much that I found things to improve every day. I have pretty done every feature I list after a month. It is way tougher than bus app but I enjoy it so much. Only thing is I got my neck and back ache after programming every day and night. I need to rest every 30 min. I fall sick just before I finish the app. :)

It is the time I commit to apple iAds. It is so easy to use with the storyboard. 

Now I want to play mozart no 40 on the street. My style is so similar, work until sick. 

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