Friday 26 September 2014

First feeling on both hand

211214 could play both hand faster now. 

011214 I can play both hands without thinking now but at a slow pace. 

141114 I have learn the whole song. Now is to make it smooth. Take about 5 month to learn. How long to smoother it? 

091014 When I think about my left hand, I forget my right hand. The notes look so unfamiliar. 

Using both hands train one to use both brain. Connection is strengthen between the two brains. No wonder people who play music and do so well in school. They have good memory and connection between intuition/right and fact/left. 

The timing is so easy with right hand. The left seems to play the background while the right is the foreground. 

Two person I admire most is Van Gogh (art) and Mozart (music). 

181014 still 2 hand at 10th measure. No much chance to practice unless baby is sleeping. And unless I hide the phone and only expose my microkey. Or buy a 61 key self unit. 

081114 make some progress after I developed my own android app. It is always connected. Can play to 50% of no 40 easy. 

When I turn on phone, baby sees it and want to hold it. Put in a box with better otg just ordered. 

I learn by studying ios celestial a few measure, then play on korg. I forget when key to press, I refer back. 

My baby is around and test my ability to play without concentrating! 

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