Tuesday 30 September 2014

Destiny for Celestial

Since same interest form friends, should I try facebook login again? I uses facebook everyday. I am interested to know what is happening with my friends. 

Wall ads has initial high income but as time goes by, the income drops below using only banner ads. 

What is the benefit of current situation? I am exploring new way to learn playing the piano myself. In a way to fulfill my 17 years old question. 

I find that my piano app is only falling note with external keyboard for iphone. There is no competition. But why so little users? Over at android, there are 50k and 100k, 15 million for similar app. Their focus is on virtual keyboard. Very few uses the external keyboard. Perfect focus on game instead of studying how to play the notes. But there are actually addicted users! 

I cannot find an app in android just to play my korg 61. The mededy is too lag. The grand piano free does not even allow trial. But the sound is really good. Maybe I should make good sound font as add on. And the video recording is good too. These apps kill themselves by limiting its keyboard use. Perfect piano has 15 million users. It is something huge! The lag is minimum. The sound is very good. 

Perfect Piano
- develop by chinese
- beautiful icon
- no lag. But something happens. No one can compete.
- music note option
- record to midi file. Need to be YouTube format. 
- high quality sound. 3 mb for a electronic sound. Do they make themself? 
- keep asking if want it to be default. 

Why it has 15 million download? 
Solve the problem that others cannot solve
1. Lag in key response
2. High sound quality plug in

Android is good that the cable connection is much simpler with the hub. The otg is $3 while apple camera is $36. Only problem is the cheap cable part fall off the first week!

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