Tuesday 18 November 2014

Volca Midi Player

051212 manage to play on volca keys with a midi file. Mozart Turkish March. Release midi player with midi out. Change name to volca midi player. Takes me an evening to write the midi out data. Work with binary solves my problem. I am glad I have a volca to test. 

021214 while making app to remember last file, the debugger breaks down. I could not run amended app. Luckily I have a backup copy. I think the cause is the admob code position. 

- set title k
- open new file and go back to existing activity k
- set new file previous y right k
- my interest has go to volca keys.  K

- out of memory for large file 291114
1. Use beat equal 1
2. Use quater note, break 300 notes. But bitmap error when create more than 2 x 10 000. 
I can see that this is not an immediate problem. It only show after 8000 pixels. 301114. Medoly app is not using scrollview. But how he uses the bitmap? 
- use scale down then up

A very simple midi graphic player. 
- 1 x piano sound 281114
- scrollable 271114
- play a midi file from download folder 261114
- display falling note in space. White to black background. 271114
- 1 x 88 keys. 281114
- stop animation 281114
- restart, load menu 291114
- logo, ads, song title

- scrollable falling note. 

1. Fingering
2. Change instrument
3. Soundfont

1. Play midi song on external keyboard which has better sound. 

I am toying the idea to build a graphical midi player. 

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