Saturday 8 November 2014

USB MIDI Keyboard > Micro Key Player

281114 I find my app is way more responsive than existing app. There is a void in android music app! I was lead to piano app by chance. 

- play music with your android device and external keyboard
no latancy
- 3 piano sound sampled from Korg, Roland and Yamaha equipment. 
- design for quick use. Remember the connection and permission. 
- auto close after inactive
- cost: free

- record for YouTube 

My first guess is that it will not have many users even for a year. Maybe about 2k users. 

I need a usb keyboard is first
1. It is smaller. I can put anymore I want in the house. 
2. I can bring it oversea. 
3. Micropiano has no midi to connect to my software. 

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