Friday 12 December 2014

Soundfont idea

The purpose of sound module is to let user download their favorite instrument. And for other developer to add midi sound on their app. 

No sound on midi player. Try service insteads on intend service.

- add soundfont k
- publish. Half way thru the development, I feel I may not be able to make. Jni is so new and fuildsynth doc and installation is so scary. I have burn a few mid night oil. But now I know other people can use it, and it brings soundfont benefit to android, I guess I feel much better. It is really tough on my eyes. 

- copy default sf to ad card k
- add ads k
- write up noteon api k
- keep screen on k
- ads actually affect the key response k
- keyboard needs piano press update k
- menu to open sound module app. Not found, direct to google api. K
- need service to be always on. Try sticky. Kill later when app is destroy. K
- save preset for soundfont k
- pause adview when it is playing k

- a list of instrument on load. K
-Tap one to hear the sound. K
- put audio to service. K
- call note on from keyboard app. K
It sounds nicer on general user sf. 

171214 look like only certain sf can be used. Manage to get 1 general user. Init synth on create. Try a note. Try 2 note send from java. Get instrument list. 

161214 manage to get sound after struggle for 4 days. The key is a free sample project online. I feel so happy. 

151214 try glib again and fluidsynth 1.1.6 but too many files. Eclipse has failed. Unzip from bin. I got a new eclipse. Then I use change dir and got korg.sf2 working. Limit to 2mb sf on my phone. How do I get note on sound? 211214 the real cause is the non utf preset name. Remove the bad character and it works. 

141214 manage to get fluidsynth 1.0.9 to work but it fails to load soundfont. No reason is given. The key is the private.h file. 

131214 try to run jni but find they are so many files to add. And external like glib and the socket undeclared issue. What files to download? It is frustrating when I only want to load soundfont, choose an instrument and play note. There are things like socket, audio driver and seq that I don't need but I did not know how to remove them. 

On 121214, I am playing with the idea of creating an app that has user soundfont. It can be used in my micro key player and volca midi player. I would like to make it as a standalone seperate installation. 

- My apps can access it for a soundfont instrument sound data. 
- And the API is open to other developers. 

1. Built soundfont menu in microkey player. Soundfont > instrument. I select the ui 3 buttons. 
2. Built a seperate app to load soundfont and instrument. A synthesizer that waits for note on from other app. 
3. Add command note on, note off. 

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