Saturday 6 December 2014

Volca Sample Transfer

I am happy when someone gives me 5 stars on 121214. My app is helping to someone I don't know. More people will benefit. It happens for my micro key player too. 

My time here is limited. The places that I go is very small. But I hope my creation changes someone life for the better. 

I am playing with the idea of creating an app to transfer recorded sample to volca sample on 061212. It looks achieveable with the sdk. 

It is a step to soundfont NJK. 

071212 try a simple NJK sample and add in all source code. 
081213 try 1 file kick.wav in sdcard and create its stream file. Done. 
- try getting from sdcard all wav for user to select. Look like only wav file can be used. 091214
- pass select to NJK 101214
- pass preset number to NJK 101214
- play the create stream file 101214
- post to major blog 111214
- add record button 121214 got 2 five stars

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